Provide temporary shelter and a healthy, safe, and supportive community for people who are unhoused.  

Values Statement

Nightingale Hosted Shelters has five values that guide the board, the residents, the organization, and the community.

  1. Accountability: We are each responsible for our own actions, we are reliable and follow through with our commitments, we adhere to norms and follow rules, and we consider the interests of others.
  2. Community: In order to build community, we support a team-based approach to: addressing concerns; developing common goals; adhering to rules and expectations; communicating respectfully and transparently; and connecting with others by listening, caring, and building strong relationships.
  3. Compassion: We act with empathy, kindness, and respect — understanding and maintaining awareness of individual needs and differences.
  4. Integrity: We are sincere and trustworthy, speak our truth and stand up for others, and act ethically and respectfully to support equity and inclusion.
  5. Investment: We are committed to Nightingale. We are committed to a persistent and sustained effort to: support community interests; achieve shared goals; meet the financial needs of the organization; and contribute our expertise, time, and talent to sustain community structure and operations.